Curriculum Information

Illinois State Learning Standards

Mokena SD 159's curriculum is aligned to the Illinois State Learning Standards. Information about our state's standards can be found in the following links to our state's documents.

English Language Arts Learning Standards

Math Learning Standards

Science Standards

Social Studies Learning Standards

Music Standards

Art Standards

Physical Education and Health Standards

Social and Emotional Learning Standards

Early Learning Development Standards (Preschool)

Textbooks and Instructional Materials

The linked document provides a list of the textbooks and instructional materials utilized in the Mokena SD 159 classrooms.

Mokena SD 159 Textbook List


K-5 ELA Curriculum Adoption Information

During the 2022-2023, a group of 20 teachers, coaches, and administrators joined together as a K-5 ELA Committee with the goal of selecting an ELA (comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar/language) program for implementation in the 2023-2024 school year.  The committee was represented by grade level teachers and administrators from each school with varying levels of experience and backgrounds.

During these five months, the committee reviewed four programs, piloted two programs with their students, and chose a program to recommend to the Board of Education for adoption for the 2023-2024 school year: Open Up Resources EL Education. The materials will be on display at the district office through April 19th.

Thank you to the teachers and administrators on the committee for their expertise, time, and commitment to this process.  Their dedication and collaboration throughout the process is truly to be admired.   Our students will benefit greatly from the strong foundation being built within our district for years to come!

The following links provide overview information about the program:

Open Up Resources EL Education K-5 Program Overview

Kindergarten Module Overviews

1st Grade Module Overviews

2nd Grade Module Overviews

3rd Grade Module Overviews

4th Grade Module Overviews

5th Grade Module Overviews

Curriculum and Resource Objections

Board policy 6:260, Complaints About Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Programs, states that parents/guardians, employees, and community members who have objections to curriculum or believe that curriculum, instructional materials, or programs violate rights guaranteed by any law or Board policy may file a complaint by completing a Curriculum Objection Form and submitting the form to the Building Principal.

Board Policy 6:230, Library Media Program, states that parents/guardians, employees, and community members with suggestions or complaints about library media program resources may complete a Library Media Resource Objection Form.


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