Public Participation at Board Meetings

The Board of Education, as a representative body of citizens residing in Mokena School District 159, holds regular meetings to carry on the business of the schools. Such meetings are held in accordance with Chapter 2, Section 2.200 and Section 2.230 of Board Policy. The agendas for the Mokena School District 159 meetings of the Board of Education are posted on the District website ( or are available at the District Office. The public is cordially invited to attend Board meetings in order for any citizen to express his/her interest and/or concerns for the school.

Individuals appearing before the Board must be residents of the district and are expected to follow these guidelines:

1. Any person seeking to make comments at a Board meeting shall notify the Secretary of the Board by completing a Request-to-Comment registration card and submitting the card to the Secretary immediately prior to the meeting at which they seek to comment. Public comment registration begins one-half hour before the scheduled opening of the meeting and closes when the meeting is called to order.

2. Address the Board only at the appropriate time as indicated on the agenda and when recognized by the Board President.

3. Identify oneself and be brief. Ordinarily, such comments shall be limited to three minutes.

4. If a number of the public desire to comment at any meeting, the President of the Board, at his/her discretion, may appoint members of the public to act as representatives or spokespersons.

5. The President may also deny an individual the opportunity if the individual has previously addressed the Board on the same subject within the past two months.

6. The Board President shall have the authority to determine procedural matters regarding public participation not otherwise defined in Board of Education policy.

7. Any person wanting to address the Board regarding an “ Action Requests,” may do so, once the motion is made and seconded.

8. If a person brings a topic before the Board that results in open deliberation by the Board, the outcome will be discernible by the public. In the case of statutory exceptions, the Board may vote to conduct a Closed Meeting and direct the Superintendent to respond in writing within a reasonable period of time.

Conduct oneself with respect and civility toward others, and otherwise abide by Board policy, 8:30, Visitors to and Conduct on School Property.