group photo with LWSRA

The Lincolnway Special Recreation Association (LWSRA) took over Mokena Intermediate School’s P.E. classes on Wednesday, November 1 to raise awareness and promote acceptance of individuals with varying physical and developmental abilities.

LWSRA uses these “takeover days” to reach out to youth, teens and adults in the community to build a better understanding and acceptance of those with physical or developmental disabilities. 

Students played a variety of adaptive sports, including wheelchair basketball, sit volleyball, and goalball. Sit volleyball is similar to traditional volleyball, but participants cannot move from their spot on the floor. Goalball is similar to soccer for visually impaired individuals. To simulate blindness, students wore goggles that altered their vision. Staff from LWSRA also shared stories and experiences of student-athletes with disabilities. Students left P.E. class with a better understanding of the challenges that others may face.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to better understand the challenges that others face as well as how perseverance and hard work helps us achieve our goals,” Mr. McAtee said.

Mokena 159 is pleased to host its first wheelchair basketball game to raise money for the LWSRA. The game will be held on Tuesday, November 14 at Mokena Jr. High School. Doors open at 5:30 pm. 

For more information about the LWSRA, please visit